Read Books All Day and Get Paid for It

This page presents all the resources mentioned in my book, Read Books All Day and Get Paid for It: The Business of Book Coaching.

My Business of Book Coaching course at Author Accelerator covers the same material in the book, but you get downloads, worksheets (including a website wireframe template to help you decide what to put on your website), a chance to review my contract and Terms and Conditions, more than 26 videos of me talking about each lesson, and 6 expert interviews, which are GOLD. Hear from Dan Blank, Marion Roach Smith, Lisa Cron, Natasha Vorompiova, Sarah Avinir, Nicole Lewis Keeber, and more interviews coming all the time. The course also allows you to join Q&As with me and the Author Accelerator team. Learn about the course HERE. ➤

If you would like to join a mentoring mastermind to work through all the elements in the book and the course, you can learn about that HERE. ➤

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Recommended Books

Difficult Writers

This is a list of the 7 kinds of difficult writers and how to deal with them.

Competitor Research Template

This is a template you can use to record your competitor research.

Health Insurance Article

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Book Coach Business Plan

Pricing Database

A CHANCE TO SERVE: There is no central clearinghouse for what book coaches make. No one has organized the industry yet, and Author Accelerator is taking it upon ourselves to start that work with shared information and events that gather book coaches together in community. With this database, you can enter any information you learn about book-coaching prices, and you can enter your own pricing information, so we can begin to build it out.


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The Writer’s Guide to Agony and Defeat

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