It's 1952 in New York City, the height of the Red Scare. When the sheltered secretary of a prominent book editor becomes obsessed with the story of a glamorous French lipstick, she becomes convinced that it was the story she was born to write. To do so, however, she must overcome her belief that surrendering to passion of any kind is dangerous -- especially when she enters into a high stakes game of kiss and tell with the editor’s star author, who is in desperate need of a story and a muse. They fight for the right to tell the tale, and ultimately, for the right of an author to tell their own truth. 

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Praise & Reviews

“A whipsmart, wildly original ride that’s a heady mix of chemistry, politics, mystery, obsession and a 1950s heroine daring to find her way. The writing sparkles on the page, and the essential question — what would you do for your passion? — becomes as provocative as it haunting. Perfect Red is more than perfect — it’s absolutely dazzling.” — Caroline Leavitt, New York Times bestselling author ofPictures Of You

5 Minutes for Books 4-StarReview

“Captivating from the first sentence, impossible to put down, Perfect Red leaves you inspired, energized and ready to take on the world. Powerful storytelling at its most potent.” — Lisa Cron, author of Wired For Story: The Writer’s Guide To Using Brain Science To Hook Readers From The Very First Sentence

“With pitch perfect precision, Nash sweeps her reader into McCarthy-era Manhattan and the male dominated, literary world into which one Lucy Lawrence strives to arrive. I can see putting this gem of a book squarely in thehands of readers of historical and literary fiction as well as those looking for a page-turning escape.” — Linda McLoughlin Figel, {pages} a bookstore

In the 5 days that Perfect Red was free on Kindle -- December 24- 28, 2012 -- it hit #34 on the literary fiction free bestseller list and #50 on the historical fiction free bestseller list.

Kindle cover, above. Paperback cover, below.

Here's what readers are saying about Perfect Red:

 “I just finished Perfect Red!  A personal record as I started it last night....woke up at 3 this morning and read until the sun came up (a very nice quiet time to read by the way). Then picked it up again this evening. I loved it!  The period, the story, the characters....a delightful escape!  I know this took years to write and it's not fair to devour it so quickly...but I thoroughly enjoyed every page!" -- Linda Fester
"Sat in the parking lot during [my daughter's] swim practice for 3 hours today just reading Perfect Red! Was hoping practice would go late so I could keep reading! Love it!" -- Debbie Sannes
“This book is a page turner! It’s coincidental that I just started watching Mad Men, which is set in a similar period. I can’t wait to find out what happens to Lucy.” -- CC Yu
"My book came several days ago and I immediately opened it and read chapter two. Wanting to be patient - savoring it like the finest European chocolate - I waited for chapter 3 until today.... I have not been able to put the book down (I switched hands while eating meals) and have just finished it!! Bravo! Such a pleasure to be carried away today!" -- Ana Magdaleno

“A book about how lipstick can give you power and purpose? SO GOOD! I could not put it down.” -- Denise Honaker

Perfect Red Press Release

Thank you to my awesome "early adopter" readers who helped launch Perfect Red out into the world! I'm so grateful to all of you!

  • Denise Honaker
  • Andrew Ring
  • Sally Hulbert
  • Bill Beigel
  • Madson Buchbinder
  • Victoria Burns
  • Karen Mitchell
  • Linda Fester
  • Sharon Meyer
  • Mary Griffin
  • Laurie Ayoob
  • Lauri Taylor
  • Lisa Lilienthal
  • Faye Bender
  • Meg Lenihan
  • Lori Logan
  • Sam Polk
  • Karen Hutchison
  • Debbie Echt
  • Douglas Thielscher
  • Lynn Solaro
  • Lynn Davis
  • Sheri Lawrence
  • Denise Hale
  • Lisa Angstreich
  • Kim Walliser
  • Scott Packer
  • Barbara McLoughlin
  • Cynthia Bartlett
  • Hayley Barnes
  • Leslie Wells
  • Kimberlee Phelan
  • Pamela Beere Briggs
  • Michael Howe
  • Beth Allen
  • Denise Hale
  • Lisa Frkas
  • Julie Haynes
  • Kate Spencer
  • Sally Saltzbart Minier
  • Barbara O'Brian
  • Jennifer Coughlin
  • Debbie Sannes
  • Sean Robertson
  • Cynthia Corliss
  • Linda Ensbury
  • Nola Mihlsten
  • Peggy O'Donnell
  • Ian Mackenzie
  • Ana Magdalena
  • Andrea Brown
  • Christine Carmanati
  • Wendy Kennar
  • Sigrid Zuniga
  • Patrick Ignacio
  • Jessie LeMay
  • Andrew Ring
  • Lee Wilson
  • Mary Hawking
  • Ellen Cook
  • Cathy McEvily
  • Laurette Galano
  • Barbara O'Brian
  • Theresa Dawson
  • Lee Livingston
  • Olivia Morgaine
  • Jovan Trapani
  • Sandy McCartney
  • Doug McCartney
  • Lisa Baronsky

Not a cooking video -- it's a fun interview I did with blogger Lisa Manterfield about Perfect Red and passion.

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