The Outcome of the Nonfiction Book Proposal Package

  • A killer book proposal that reflects your deepest beliefs. Think of this like a business plan for your book. It will serve as a pitch to agents and as a roadmap for you to complete the writing of the book.

  • The proposal will include two polished sample chapters that highlights your expertise, your voice, and your authority.

  • The proposal will include a thorough and specific marketing plan that showcases your understanding of your target reader, the competition, and the marketplace.

  • A pitch list of 30 agents who are looking for what you write.

  • A publishing strategy for bringing your book into the world, including personalized query letters to the agents on your list.

  • I guarantee personalized feedback from at least one agent on your target list. There is no guarantee that an agent who gives you feedback will offer you representation. See FAQs below for more detailed information on what I guarantee and what I don’t.


“Jennie Nash. Part book coach and part therapist. Jennie did a masterful job of coaching me through the process of rewriting my early chapters, developing a well-written proposal that will (hopefully) result in an agent and publishing contract, and even helped me secure an interview with a highly recognized national leader. But she did something more for me that will go beyond any book deal. She gave my voice permission to speak. This is something no one has ever done for me. I recently gave my first presentation on the subject of my book. I must say, it was the best presentation I have given in my life and the response were comments like this: `Dan, I loved your passion, I have never seen this side of you.’ So thank you Jennie for giving my voice permission to speak.”

— Dan Edds, The Genetics of Leadership: Cracking the Code of Sustainable Excellence



How it Works

You will work for six months building your book proposal with instruction, guidance, and feedback from me at every turn. In the last two months of the program, you will send your finished, polished book proposal to 30 agents hand selected for you, with the guarantee of feedback from at least one of them.

  • I offer step-by-step lessons for each part of the proposal. You can either watch videos or read written text — whichever method words best for you.

  • Plan on spending about 4-6 hours a week building out your book idea, proposal, and sample chapters, and speaking with me on the phone.

  • You will turn in written material to me every other week and receive feedback by Friday. In the beginning, this feedback will be strategic. In the end, it will be detailed line edits that will get your work into pitch perfect shape.

  • We will have 50-minute calls 2x a month to answer all questions, solve all challenges, and make sure the project is on track.

  • You can ask written questions by email. I generally answer the same business day.

  • In the last two months of the program, I will help you navigate pitching and agent interactions

What You Can Expect From Me

I will be invested in your book idea, answering your questions, helping you troubleshoot nagging problems, and guiding you to make wise strategic and editorial choices for your book.

  • I will help you overcome your doubts, and helping you understand the financial and strategic pros and cons of various decisions.

  • You can expect my full attention and the full weight of my 30+ years of experience.

  • You can expect timely replies to your questions and your submitted work.

  • I will give at least 24 hours’ notice if I need to reschedule a call.

  • I will tell the truth. No one has a crystal ball when it comes to publishing, and no one can say whether you will meet your publishing goals or whether your book will find commercial success. I can, however, give my honest opinion about what I think will work, when I think a project is ready to go out into the world, and what strategies I think will be most effective for you to meet your publishing goals.

  • I will help you understand the publishing paths available to you and demystify the process. If for some reason agent pitching for a traditional publishing deal is not right for you, we can discuss other options. If you are interested in a hybrid publisher, I can introduce you to the team at Greenleaf Books with whom I have a working relationship and potentially some other hybrid organizations.

  • My team will put together a customized list of 30 agents hand selected for your project. If I have an agent in my network whom I believe would be a good fit for your book, I will introduce your work to that agent. If I don’t, I will reach out to an agent who would be a good fit. I guarantee feedback from at least one agent on your list. This is absolutely no guarantee that an agent who gives you feedback will offer you representation. Let me repeat this because it’s very important: I guarantee that you will get feedback from an agent but I cannot guarantee you will be offered agent representation or a book deal.