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Writing a novel is hard because no one has ever taught you how to write a story.

People talk all day long about character and scene, dialogue and voice, amping up the stakes and creating drama. They fuss over the scenery, over the words, over grammar.

But no one talks about what a story really is. Until now.

We want to make you into a Story Genius so that you don't have to guess where your story should start, you don't have to risk getting mired in the middle, you don't wring your hands (or spend years in frustration) wondering whether what your writing is even any good. 

Because if you know those things, your reader is always  going to be dying to know what happens next, which means you are going to be a writer who gets read.


Testimonial from Lisa Cron

testimonial for Jennie Nash


We want you to experience what it feels like to be a story genius, so we’ve designed a special three-part webinar series to teach you the first 13 critical Story Genius steps that will set you up to write a great novel.


This is a world premier of the Story Genius program, which will be available to everyone else in September 2016 when Lisa Cron’s new book, Story Genius is published.


This is a sneak peek – a chance to be among the first people to learn from this powerful system.


AND you get a super power bonus, because Jennie Nash, author and book coach, will be teaching the program alongside Lisa. Jennie’s novel-in-progress is featured in Story Genius all the way through the book as the example readers watch unfold on the page.


So you get a powerful one-two punch of the Story Genius creator and a Story Genius student who also happens to be an 8-time author and book coach.


This is not just a “listen to us lecture and go off on your own” program.


We’re going to walk you step by step through what you need to do, we’re going to give you a workbook where you can do it AND we’re going to give you a chance to have your work evaluated by an editorial pro so you KNOW you are on the right track.


You will be absolutely prepared to go finish your novel with clarity and confidence – and if you want us to hold your hand all the way through, we have an affordable program for that, as well.




What will you learn?


·       How to TKTKTKTKT



Here's how we’ll help you learn;


·       3 live webinars,

·       Workbook

·       Card template



And best of all: a chance to have your work evaluated by a pro






Course breakdown


·       Pre-work to get ready

·       Session 1

·       Session 2

·       Session 3



What happens after the course ends?



You will have the chance to purchase at a reduced price membership in Jennie’s Author Accelerator program, where you can get weekly feedback and accountability as you complete your manuscript using the Story Genius method. You will be part of the first ever “beta test class” of the Story Genius/Author Accelerator program, which is why the cost will be so low. There are a limited number of spots available for this progam, as we are only training a few Author Accelerator editors in the Story Genius method at this time.


Author Accelerator members get X, Y, Z. Testimonial



Who is the Story Genius webinar for?



·       Fiction writers

·       All genres – romance, sci fi, historical fiction, contemporary women’s fiction, YA, blah blah blah

·       Wrtiers at the start of a project, or writers ready and willing to go back to GO in order to get in right this time.

·       Writers eager to learn the Story Genius secrets. If you loved Wired for Story, if you’re heard Lisa’s awesome keynote speech on the reader’s brain, if you follow her on Writer Unboxes

·       Writers who want to enjoy the same success as Jennie’s private coaching clients -- TKTKTKT

·       Writers with time

·       Writer who want to work hard.



Who is it not for?






Sound like this course is for you?


We are offering an exclusive early bird discount price to Lisa and Jennie’s newsletter followers for the next three days. You have 72 hours to claim your special price AND get a bonus audiopresentation from Lisa and Jennie on Where to Start Your Story. (or …..????)



 Register for a free call








Q: “What if I already know that I want to join the program? How do I register right now?” We love your enthusiasm! Scroll down to the bottom of this page, select the package that’s the best fit for you (Standard or Premium). You’ll get access to some initial resources immediately, and we’ll email you with further details. Make sure to block off time on your calendar to attend as many of the live calls as you can, starting Date tk.


 Q: “I already have a novel in the works, is this right for me?” Do you want to accelerate your progress and get your book written faster than you ever thought you could? Then, absolutely, this program is for you. Especially if you’re tired of toiling alone— the coaching and community will invigorate you.


Q: “If I don’t know yet what book I want to write, should I wait?”




Q: “I’m an experienced writer and I’ve written books before. Will this program be too basic for me?” Are you satisfied with the results you’ve been getting with your previous books? Or do you have a nagging feeling that you could be getting a lot more readers if you presented your offers more effectively? If you’re feeling that pull of “I could do better,” this is a great place to start.




Q: “What if the program doesn’t work for me? Can I get a refund?” We want you be thrilled with your learning experience. If you feel unsatisfied after experiencing the entire program, we’ll happily offer you a free 60-minute coaching session and follow-up email support ($400 value). Email us at the end of the course and tell us briefly why the course didn’t work for you, and we will get you scheduled for one-on-one time ASAP. So no money back, but you get what you need: help with your book