I will help elevate you from just another writer with a good idea to an author who is finally holding a book in your hands.

In one-on-one sessions, I will help you find the structure that best serves your story, teach you how to write in a way that will resonate with your readers, help you through the doubt and despair inherent to the creative process, and provide the tough love and accountability that will get you to publication day. But the main benefit of our working together is that where right now you see just a dream, I can already see your book on the shelf.

   Let me help you get from inspiration to publication.  Start with my newsletter, below, then see my Work With Me page to learn how I can help.

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"I cannot recommend Jennie more highly. Really, meeting Jennie and working with her has been life changing (there is zero hyperbole in that statement). If you want to write a book you MUST work with her."           --Tracey Cleantis, The Next Happy, coming out from Hazeldon, 2015

" I was a stay at home Mom with a story to tell, but had no clue where or how to start. Jennie has helped me through every aspect of writing my book: development, editing, time management, proposal, agent queries, final revision, moral support, blurb requests, etc., etc. etc.!!. I worked very hard to get to where I am today, but Jennie is the reason I have a book being published early next year." --Lauri Taylor, author of The Accidental Truth, coming out from Selectbooks in 2015.

"Thank you for all your help. You really are both my personal champion and hard-truth teller. I appreciate both immeasurably."          -Sam Polk, author of Gatsby Interrupted, coming out from Scribner in 2015

"Thank you a billion times.  I can't wait to mention you in the acknowledgements of my best seller. " -- Lorrie Tom, author of Fat Girl in Love, a work in progress

Why Work With Me?

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To help you write a good book that people will want to read, I will leverage 25 years of publishing experience, which includes a stint at Random House, a staff position on a slick city magazine, freelance credits from GQ to The New York Times,  publication of four novels and three memoirs, 7 years instructing students at the UCLA Extension Writer's Program, and a proven track record guiding clients to publication. When you work with me, I never stop thinking about your project. To learn more, read ABOUT ME and my client 


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