The world needs stories — we thrive on stories — but the world doesn’t need any more bad books.

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Author Accelerator is the book coaching company I started in 2014. I have 25 book coaches working with hundreds of writers to help them write books worth reading. I hire, train, and provide ongoing education for the coaches, and I believe they are outstanding at what they do.

Our flagship offering is a book coaching program called Manuscript Accelerator, which is conducted by exchanging work via email and holding strategy sessions by phone or video. If you are serious about writing a novel, a memoir, or a nonfiction book, this is the program you need. It’s 100% customizable to where you are in the process and to your writing habits, BUT it is designed to hold your feet to the fire so you actually finish. It’s 12 deadlines minimum, normally completed over 6 months, and the goal is to get you to “the end” of your draft or revision.

This is the program we recommend if you have an idea but don’t know how to begin; if you have started but don’t know how to finish; or if you have finished and don’t know how to revise.

We listen so we can make a great match.

We will listen to what you are writing and what kind of coaching you would like, and we will pair you with the coach we think will be best for you to work with. We want you to write a book worth reading, and pairing writers and coaches is a huge part of why our program works so well. It’s our secret sauce! When you fill out your project Q&A, you can sign up for a free 30-minute consultation with one of our team members and let them know what you are looking for in a coach.

Besides Manuscript Accelerator, we also have a wide range of services and offerings to support writers, including manuscript evaluations and edits, pitch help, and in-person workshops at locations around the country.

Check everything out over at the Author Accelerator website