Emma writes forward with Chapter 2 and 3. I'm not sure a chapter break belongs where she put it at the end of Chapter 2, because in Chapter 3, things REALLY start to cook. I think she may want to work on getting to the Chapter 3 material faster, but she is writing with so much more authority and narrative drive here. You can just FEEL it, and it's so much fun to see! She has some work to do on establishing what exactly is going on between Cici and Griff, and there are a couple places where the magic logic may need shoring up, but she is in full possession of her story now....


Emma Chapter 2 and 3 Revision


And a note about Volume 5:   

Something came up in Emma's life that may prevent her from continuing to work on her novel right now, or even possibly to be part of Pitch Wars. We are not sure, at this time, and whatever her decision is, I will be 100% in support of it. I am not going to say anything about it because it is not my place to do so, but suffice it to say that things happen in all of our lives that are big and unexpected, and that change our perspective on everything, especially writing. For some people, the life events make writing forward impossible. For other people, the life events make writing forward even more critical than it was before. We had an Author Accelerator member this week suffer a very big and frightening event, and she said she HAD to keep writing through it; it was the only thing that made sense to her in a senseless time, and it brought her peace and solace. Other people may make the opposite decision. There is, of course, no right or wrong. I will let you know what Emma decides whenever she decides it.