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Write Your Book: Start Strong and Get it Done

Create a strategic plan to help you realize your book-writing dreams. 

This is a 6-hour class recorded live in the CreativeLive studio in San Francisco, but it will take you longer than that to complete the exercises. There's with a 30-page workbook that walks you through everything you need to do to start a novel or memoir. Click HERE for details and to purchase course. Normally priced at $129, there are often specials for $99 and even lower.

You can sign up for coaching on your class workbook through Creative Live, or come directly to Author Accelerator and join our 6-month Manuscript Accelerator program. This would not only give you feedback on your course workbook, it would give you coaching to complete your entire rough draft. We'll make sure you finish -- and finish strong.


Short Courses at Creative Live

These are 90 minute courses recorded during Writing Week in 2018. They are normally priced at $39.

Workshops at Author Accelerator

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For a complete and up-to-date list of upcoming online and in-person classes, workshops and "Ask Me Anything" events, please check out the CALENDAR over at my Author Accelerator site.  We have workshops for starting a book and learning how to revise a complete manuscript, Ask Me Anything events, and special events and webinars.

The Writer's Guide to Agony and Defeat


Being a writer is about being persistent. You may call it having grit, or refusing to give up in the face of rejection, or just being plain old stubborn, but every writer has it. My book about the 43 worst moments in the writing life puts you face-to-face with the worst things so that you can feel less alone, shake off the pain, and keep writing. 


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Resource Library

I have dozens of excellent resources for starting a book, developing it, revising it, and pitching it, all collected and beautifully presented over at Author Accelerator.


Getting Started

Click above to get a Planner with Instructors.  Download a BLANK planner   HERE

Click above to get a Planner with Instructors. Download a BLANK planner HERE




Week 1 Webinar:   HERE   Week 2 Webinar:   HERE    Download the lesson:   HERE

Week 1 Webinar: HERE
Week 2 Webinar: HERE

Download the lesson: HERE