1. What are your rates?


2. Do you have a program where I can just pick your brain for an hour?

No, I don't. My project fees are based on the value I believe they deliver to my clients, not the time I spend delivering that value. 

Clients who decide to work with me do so because they believe in paying for a high-quality, conversion-oriented product—not just a finished product.

If your focus is keeping costs low (rather than amazing results), you’re in the wrong place.

I have recently discontinued my "book coach hotline" and "instant clarity strategy sessions." I felt like I was giving away the farm in these sessions, and that didn't feel good. There are no longer any low cost ways to work with me 1:1. If you are interested in book coaching and are looking for an affordable solution, look at my programs at Author Acclerator. They are powerful and proven to work, and they are based on my systems, strategies and philosophies. I hire, train and oversee the Author Accelerator coaches. And once you are "in," I am available in our private Facebook group to answer questions on AMA days, do special webinars and interviews, and cheer people on as they write forward.

3. Why do you require an application?

4. What happens after I send in the application?

Every new client goes through a three-step process.

  1. You answer a quick, five-question intake survey. This helps me better understand your needs, your core objectives, and what I can do to help you reach them.
  2. From there, if it sounds like a good fit, we’ll schedule a call so I can learn all of the details about your business and your specific project needs.
  3. Finally, I’ll send over an invoice for the work and a contract for the project, and once a 50% deposit has been paid, we’ll get started.

5.  If we decide to move forward, how do I pay?

Your invoice will have a link that allows you to pay online with a credit card. Paypal and bank transfers are also welcome.

6.  How soon can you start?

I typically have 1-2 openings for new clients and typically book them 2-3 months in advance. The sooner we can start the conversation, the better.

If you need to start your project RIGHT AWAY, I may be able to move you to the top of the list, but a 25% fee will be tacked onto the project fee.



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