Start writing from a position of strength.

If you have a great idea for a book or a story, but aren't sure where to start, you're not alone! Writing a book is a complex undertaking and if you've never done it before -- or even if you      have -- the first steps can be overwhelming.

I have used my Blueprint for Book system to help hundreds of writers take the first steps in getting their story or idea out of their head and onto the pageand I can help you, too. Whether you are writing fiction, memoir or nonfiction, my system will help you clarify you purpose, your structure, and your path forward.

Getting help from a pro at the start of your project is a powerful move, because it can literally save you years of frustration. 



Blueprint for a Book coaching is $4,200.00 for six weeks of intensive coaching, feedback, accountability and professional guidance


"Every writer, from complete beginners to seasoned professionals, needs someone to do what they can’t do, no matter how experienced: see their own work with fresh eyes.  The trick is finding someone who can then pinpoint what’s working, what isn’t and how to remedy it. For me, that person is the indefatigable, insightful, beautifully brutally honest Jennie Nash. While she never pulls punches (after all, you’re paying her not to), Jennie is always encouraging, empathetic and compassionate – not to mention spot-on.  She is also quick. All this is why, even though I’ve worked in publishing, as an agent, and taught writing for decades – in fact, my book is about how to write a story -- I turned to Jennie when I wanted to get the manuscript ready to shop. We worked together every step of the way: on the manuscript (including helping me get organized enough to really focus in on it), the query letter, the proposal, and the marketing platform that helped me land the agent I wanted most, who then sold the book to a great publishing house.  I couldn’t have done it without Jennie, and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is a godsend."Lisa Cron, Wired for Story (Ten Speed Press, 2012), Story Genius, (Ten Speed Press, 2016). Instructor, fiction master class, UCLA Extension Writers' Program. Ted Talk-giver.


"Thank you to Jennie Nash,  my independent editor for the last six years, whose honesty and incisive edits have made everything I've written better. I do not publish anything without her reading it first. To all writers or aspiring writers, I recommend Jennie." -- Sam Polk, author of For the Love of Money (Scribner), Founder and CEO of Everytable and Groceryships. 


"You are not a book coach, you are a life changer. You are the wind beneath my wings. I fear for you if the two of us ever end up at a karaoke bar." -- Tracey Cleantis, author of The Next Happy, a finalist for the Books for a Better Life Awards and An Invitation to Self-Care (Hazeldon). 


Who will benefit most from premium coaching?

  • Writers who have gone to all the conferences, read all the books, signed up for retreats — and still can't seem to get momentum.
  • Anyone who craves a balance of compassion and tough love. I am here for you on the days when your book wants to break you and on the days when you’ve gotten lazy and need to be told to ax the 50 pages to make your opening sing.
  • Writers who are eager to write the best book they can and are serious about their craft. You don't have to be super skilled (after all, that's what coaching is for -- to get super skilled) but you do have to have a fundamental understanding of how books are written and sold. I can't take you to the highest level if you would be better off in an entry level course.
  • This program is equally effective for fiction and non-fiction writers, for flat-out beginners to New York Times bestsellers. But you have to be ready to dig deep and work hard.  You have to be ready for some serious tough love. You have to be ready to invest and you have to be ready to make more progress than you have ever made before.
  • Writers who want a professional guide down in the trenches paying attention to every comma, every word, and every nuance of their story.
  • Writers who are tired of getting rejections that say, “We loved your writing, but….” Or “We loved your story, but….” Or “We loved your concept but….” and who are ready to start over the right way.
  • Entrepreneurs who aren’t even sure they ARE writers, but who are certain they have a killer idea the world is waiting for. I have great success with this kind of writer.

Who will not get what they need?

  • People who want someone else to do the hard work for them.
  • People who demand a guarantee as to outcome. There are no guarantees in the creative process or in publishing. 
  • People who are mean and rushed and stingy of spirit. I don’t work with people like that, because I find that they don’t write good books.
  • Writers who might be better served by a therapist. Writing is deep, soul-level work. My clients cry all the time. We rant at the world. We solve big problems. But it’s not therapy.


How does it work?

Blueprint for a Book is a six week program

  • Six  deadlines—You send me pages at a prescribed time, usually twice a month.
  • Professional, timely, line-by-line feedback— I pour over your pages line by line, making extensive notes, and giving you direction for what to do next.
  • 6 phone calls—After each deadline, we'll check in and make sure everything is going according to plan, that you're feeling good about your work, and that the project is on track. For 45 minutes, we'll brainstorm, talk about problems and concerns, and decide what to do together next. 
  • Customized project management— We decide together whether it makes sense to revise as you go, or plow forward with content generation. You can't go off track in this way. I won't let you.
  • Email me with clarifying questions —  I'll be here to answer big and small questions as they arise. It's like having a pro on speed dial.
  • You will end up with a crystal clear Blueprint for how to develop your book — You will end up with a clear idea of what you are writing, a solid structure for the entire work (including outline and, when appropriate, chapter templates) opening and closing chapters, a definition of your ideal reader, a list of competitive titles, and an understanding of your motivations and goals. All of this material is used to guide your writing and is also used when it is time to pitch your book to agents or direct to readers.
  • A plan for moving forward — In select cases, I may offer to coach you through the writing and development of your book myself, or I may direct you to Author Accelerator, or you may choose to go off on your own to complete your draft. No matter what, you will have a clear plan for what to do to bring your book to life.


Apply for coaching

Use this form to apply for Blueprint for a Book Premium Coaching.  The Q&A will help me get to know about your project and your goals. 


  1. When will I hear from you after I submit the form? I review Q&As twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I normally get back to you within 72 hours of submission.
  2. What are the next steps on the application? If I think I can help you take your work to the next level, I will email to ask for sample pages.
  3. When can I start coaching?  I normally book 2 to 3 months in advance.
  4. What happens if you don't think you can coach me? If I don't think you are ready to work with me, I will let you know why. It's not a judgment about you or your work. It's usually just a matter of who I can best help. I may suggest an Author Accelerator program that would be a good fit for you.


Author Accelerator  

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I am the founder and Chief Creative Officer of Author Accelerator. I started this company because high-level one-on-one book coaching is expensive and not every writer can afford it. I believe however, that every writer needs it. It's the best way to get the book out of your head and onto the page. At Author Accelerator, you'll get my systems and strategies delivered by talented coaching whom I hire, train and oversee.

The core Author Accelerator coaching program is $450/month for 6 months. It is designed to get you to finish your first draft or a revision draft. 

“I’m here to tell you that this program and these people are the best of the lot. I came in intimidated by what I needed to do to make my novel work. What I found was not only encouragement, but a tough-minded empathy and kindness that is rare in the world, let alone the writing world. Jennie Nash’s vision and her tireless efforts to keep making Author Accelerator better have totally blown me away. I know I’m gushing here, but because of you all my story has come to life.”— Susan Setteducato-Donnelly


If you're not sure you're ready to start 1:1 coaching, try theses 6 free lessons from my Blueprint for a Book program free HERE.