Instant Clarity Strategy Session

Do have one main problem that is plaguing your writing?  The Instant Clarity Strategy Session is designed to address it right away. I work with writers in every genre to identify roadblocks, solve problems, and create a clear way forward so you can keep writing with confidence.  

  • Are you stuck at Chapter 1, or 3 or 27, and wondering if it's worth it to keep going? If you are suffering from a bad case of doubt and despair, a Strategy Session may be just what you need to break through the noise in your head and make a clear decision about your best next step.
  • Has something gone off the rails with your book? Send me your pages that aren't holding readers' attention, or the outline of the project that keeps stalling out and I'll tell you exactly what's wrong and precisely how to fix it. Stop guessing and get some answers. 
  • Are you deciding between two projects? Working on a revision? Trying to decide whether or not to pitch? I can help!


One time fee of $1,200.

After you schedule a session, below, I will send an invoice for the service.


Happy Clients

"I feel like I won the lottery with all of this guidance,  only I got something better than money. " — Kate Kimball

"It's possible I could have eventually figured this out on my own, but working with you is like getting a Fastpass to the front of the line."  —Lisa Manterfield, author of I'm Taking My Eggs and Going Home

"Jennie Nash is my guru, when she talks, I listen, take notes, stick stickies all over my laptop. Here is yet more proof of her down to earth you-can-instantly-use-it brilliance!" — Lisa Cron, author of Story Genius

"I am very happy with our conversation and how much I benefited from your years of experience. It was exactly what I was hoping for and more. Something I really love about our conversation is how you changed your mind a few times as the conversation progressed and you learned more about my dilemma and what I had already tried. It really was a conversation,  meaning you were listening and reacting to info as I interjected it. I learned as much or more from that stream than I would have if you had just banged out a quick solution." — Nancy Sayr

How it works

  1. Discovery. Use the appointment scheduler, below, to select a time for our strategy session. You will be asked a series of questions about what' problem you want to solve in your writing life and how I can help.
  2. Payment. When I receive the scheduled session, I will send out a payment link, instructions for you to send your 25 pages to me, and instructions for our video call. 
  3. Deep Analysis and Action Plan. You'll send your pages, which can include query and synopsis, book outline, Table of Contents,  book overviews and outlines or chapters. (All submitted pages must be double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman font, which is standard manuscript formatting.) I'll read and evaluate the work, spend a day or so thinking about them, and give you a written action plan, which will include my recommendation for how you should move forward. Note that this package does not include line edits on the work.
  4. Insight, Clarity and Confidence. We'll get on a video call for 55 minutes to discuss recommended steps. I'll record the call so you can refer back to it.