How to Edit Your Own Work

A 10-day intensive hands-on workshop to learn how to take your work from good to great.



Work through a chapter or essay of up to 20 pages, taking the editing process step by step. 

I have broken the editing process down into manageable chunks, so you can learn how to "see" your work with new eyes. Read the 40-page PDF of this process, and in this class, learn how to apply those steps to your own work. 

Maximum 10 students so there is plenty of time to ask specific questions about your work and your process.


Jennie Nash Book Coach

Course curriculum


Prep Days -- May 8 - 13  (These don't count in the 10 days)


Step 1: Read through the “How to Edit Your Own Work” 40-page PDF so you can get a feeling for the philosophy and the mindset needed to edit your own work. (PDF is attached. I'm also posting it on my newsletter tomorrow.) PDF available now.

Step 2: Upload your raw work into a Dropbox folder I will provide. From these files, I will select ONE student's work for the demo video (see Step 4.) You are only required to read ONE chapter of ONE student for this course (and I will pair you together for this step), but you MAY follow the editing process of ALL students if you wish. It’s a great way to learn. 

  • Dropbox folder of raw work shared May 11.

Step 3: Watch me do it.  One student from the class will win the chance to have me edit one chapter.  I will select this student based on the most teachable material. (This student will work on another chapter for the course.) Everyone will watch me ACTUALLY DO this edit on a narrated (recorded) video. 

  • Video available May 8.

Step 4: Meet Fellow Writers. Join the private Facebook Group for the class and meet the other writers who will be editing alongside you. 

  • Facebook Group Open May 11

Step 5: Ask Your Question – Get Some Answers. Daytime (Pacific Standard Time) group phone call with Jennie to discuss the PDF and the editing process. You can submit questions in advance and listen to call recording in case the time is not good for you.

  • Opening phone call, May 11

Intensive Editing Week – May 11 – 20


May 11-14 (Monday to Thursday):  Do your one-chapter edit as per the steps outlined in the PDF.  There are four steps, many of them with multiple steps, so this is going to require some time each day. How much time? I would say about an hour a day. Ask questions in the Facebook Group as you go. I will be on there throughout these days to help.

May 15- 16:  (Friday, Saturday): Input all editorial changes and then do “the all-at-once read through.” Ask questions in the Facebook Group as you go. I will be on there throughout these days to help.

May 17: (Sunday) Share your work with one outside reader so you can practice giving and receiving feedback. I will provide a video lesson on how to ask for what you need when seeking outside readers.  **I will pair people in the class for this exercise.**

May 18: Evaluate your feedback, do final intensive edit. Group phone call with Jennie to discuss the process, answer questions.

May 19:  Upload your final edits. 

May 19-20: Jennie to evaluate all chapters line by line so you can measure how you did, and see how a professional editor would view your self-edited work. All edited chapters posted for all students to review.


You will have up to two weeks to send me a revision of your piece for me to review one additional time.

Jennie Nash Book Coach