One of the things I deal with all the time in the writers I coach and oversee is the problem of procrastination. It can take many forms – including perfectionism (“I won’t query an agent until every word of all 300 pages of my manuscript is exactly perfect”); denial about resources (“I don’t have time to write a book,” “I’m too tired to write at the end of the day”), and straight up fear (of choosing a project, of starting, of sharing, of succeeding, of being seen, of being heard.)
The reason procrastination grates so much on us is that it’s in direct opposition to what you really want – which is to write a book. In fact, on my client inquiry form, I ask people to write about why they are doing this – why they are committing so much money and time and energy to hiring a book coach – and the most common answer is some form of this: “I don’t want to die before I write a book. I’ve been dreaming about it my whole life.”
They talk about DYING. It matters THAT much to them.
And yet most writers continue to make excuses, continue with their bad habits, and continue living their lives in such a way that they will never make their dreams come true.
Anyone helping writers write should, in my mind, also be helping writers face these “soft” elements of the writing life, as much as they are helping writers with the words and the structure and the story and the publishing process. All the best writing books do this – The War of Art, Bird by Bird,  The Creative Habit, Handling the Truth.
All the best teachers, too.
If you are finding yourself totally stuck and just not finishing your book -- not working on it, not making time for it, not prioritizing it, just not, not, not -- I want to introduce you to Jen Louden, a teacher who can get you un-stuck.
Jen is launching a course called The Art, Science & Truth About Why You're Not Getting Your Scary Sh*t Done and on Friday September 15th she and I are doing a free live webinar on this topic. We’re going to dig into some meaty stuff, including:

  •  How our “things” are often hiding in plain sight
  •  Jen’s take on seminal work, life purpose and making things big 
  •  A fab trick for getting the really scary things done
  •  The magic of small recoverable tests
  •  Why we unknowingly let our bodies decide what’s safe and how we can pay closer   attention to those unconscious messages running us
  •  Why thinking we already know something keeps all of us stuck and how to break the cycle with a very practical micro-practice
  • And lots of other great stuff!

The course title says a lot, but what it doesn’t say is what an outstanding teacher Jen is, and how she knows how to get people out of their rut and into action. Jen is a best-selling author, teacher and writing retreat leader who also happens to be a full-fledged ambassador for helping people get their scary sh*t done.
I have actually never offered an affiliate program before to my followers, so this is a first. All that means is that for anyone who signs up for Jen’s class, I’ll get a small % of the fee. I would only do this for something I believe my community of writer could really benefit from, and something of intrinsic value.
This class is that.
My superpower is helping you get your book idea out of your head and onto the page. I do this in my 1:1 work, and through my associate coaches at Author Accelerator. We can take you all the way from start to finish in the book writing process, but what we DON’T have in our roster is a course to help you if you just - can’t - get - sh** done.
That’s why this course is such a great fit and why I’m excited to be promoting it. Here’s what Jen says about the 7-week course:

"I've taken everything I’ve learned from 26 years of getting my own scary sh*t done - over and over again - and brought it together in a comprehensive, A-Z course that not only walks you through exactly what goes on in our minds and bodies when we’ve got something scary we want to do, and why it’s so good at stopping us from doing it, but the exact steps you need to take to overcome all of that and go from idea to finished project. Not just this time, but every next time as well."
Jen and I will be doing the free event next week to talk about procrastination, productivity and raising your voice, and to answer any questions you might have about her course. Our conversation should prove to be rich and awesome whether you intend to take this course or not -- so please join us, bring your questions, and get ready to get some sh** done!

Date: Friday, September 15, 2017
Time: 11am Pacific (2pm Eastern)
Registration: Grab your spot here.

Also, as a little bonus for signing up for the class, Jen created a list of 100 project ideas in case you know you want to get something done but nailing down that thing isn’t your strong suit. It’s a great tool for helping you discover what your something could be.

Grab your spot in the live training here.