Happy Halloween! You guys are no doubt busy buying, eating or handing out your Snickers fun-size snack bars, or parading around with your kids in their awesome costumes, so I’m going to keep this post super short. (You didn’t think I had it in me to write something short, did you? Ha!)
I am launching my new e-book today, The Writer’s Guide to Agony and Defeat: 43 of the Worst Moments in the Writing Life and How to Get Over Them.  Here’s the official blurb:
The possibilities for agony and defeat lurk everywhere for a writer — at the start of the process when a book idea is forming in your mind and doubt is pounding on the door; in the middle of the process when you begin to show your words to the world and fear gnaws at you like a disease; and at the end of the process when you hope your work will find an adoring audience and must come face to face with how much greed and envy have taken up residence in your heart. It can be a brutal business. In The Writer’s Guide to Agony and Defeat, book coach and author Jennie Nash takes you inside 43 of the worst moments in the writing life. The enlightenment gurus say that you should “feel what you feel” and this book is designed to help you feel the gut-wrenching misery of the writing life – and then get over it.
The e–book is for sale for $5.99 and I’d love for you to buy a copy (and if you enjoy it, to write a review. Reviews on amazon are super key -- you will see one day! Even someone writing to say, "Great book," is super key. It doesn't have to be an epic analysis. It's just about stars and numbers. Such is the world of being an author.) Use these links:


  • You can also follow along  as I post all 43 entries one at a time onMedium.com 

COOL CONTEST: In celebration of the book launch, I’m holding a drawing. I’m giving away a free Strategy Session – a $500 value. Check it out HERE:
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  • Here's the full version:  http://jennienash.com/the-writers-guide-to-agony-and-defeat

Enjoy the sugar rush!