Is my book good enough?

This is  the question every single writer wants to know, from the New York Times' bestselling author working on his third book to the mother of three writing in secret before anyone in the house gets up each morning.

Photo credit: Yoni Mayeri

Photo credit: Yoni Mayeri

But the truth is that no one has a crystal ball. No one can promise that your book will be a big seller or a bestseller--and frankly, I don't believe you should trust anyone who promises that kind of miracle.

I'm Jennie Nash. I'm a book coach who's built my career on telling it like it is and helping writers do the hard work of bringing their vision to life. I'll give you an honest assessment of your work-in-progress and a roadmap for what needs to be done to get to "the end."


“You made this a personal, horrible, painful experience, and for that I deeply thank you. It was a great gift."  - Kate Kimball, author of The Other Calloway


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