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The 5-Day Book Startup



This is a FREE 5-day email course with video and instruction. It's for anyone who is thinking about writing a book -- and thinking they don't know where to start. 

I'll walk you through some of the key things you need to think about in order to move from vague idea for a book to solid, executable plan -- a mini version of the work I do in my premium Book Startup package. Doing this kind of work before you start to write can literally save you YEARS of frustration.

If you want to continue this work, you can either sign up for one-on-one private coaching here on my website, or hop over to , where I designed a program to give writers some of the benefits of private coaching without the expense.  In the first 5 weeks of the program, you can get feedback on all the elements of The Book Startup, then enter Phase 2, where you turn in 10 pages of your writing per week.

Start with this mini email course to see what it's all about! Sign up, confirm your email, and get a lesson delivered each day via email. 

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The 13 Universal Constants of Creativity

Every writer goes through every stage on every project—and most of us get stuck at the same ones each time. Identify your creative roadblocks so you can blast past them.

7 Key Questions to Ask About Your Next Book Project 

I’m a book coach who specializes in helping writers who are serious about getting published, which means that I approach the work with more tough love than most writers are used to. I have to do this, because there are a lot of writers out there producing a lot of books, which means that if you want to attract agents, editors or readers, you have to not only write a killer good book, you have to approach the work with a strategic mindset. These 7 questions are a good place to start.


Writers want someone to buy something from us as much as the folks over at Apple and Nike. We do! Even before we talk about dollars and cents, we want readers to buy that we have something important or entertaining or illuminating to say. We want agents to buy that our idea is generous and alive.

So all this work you’re going to do on WHAT your book will be? It often all hinges on WHY you want to write it — on why it is haunting you, on what captivated you from the start, on what the spark was, on why you care so much. If you can articulate that, it will probably unlock the story in very powerful ways.