Everyone wants to write a book. Make yours worth reading.

A good book takes time to develop. It’s a complex intellectual undertaking that demands an understanding of narrative design, marketplace realities, and the creative process — and just because you have been reading books all your life doesn’t mean you naturally know how to write one.

That’s why I started Author Accelerator. I’ve trained more than 40 book coaches using the systems and strategies I’ve honed by helping hundreds of writers get their books out of their heads and onto the page. Together we’re bringing back the powerful and time-tested concept of one-to-one creative mentorship, which has been largely squeezed out of a publishing industry hungry for the next big hit. 

We’re training book coaches to help writers develop the habits, skills and confidence they need to write books worth reading.


What’s a Book Coach?


1. A strategic professional who guides writers through the creative process of developing a book.

2. Someone with book-seeing superpowers who helps writers bring their vision to life by providing consistent, compassionate, honest editorial feedback while they write.

3. A shepherd, a guide, a project manager, a cheerleader.