Deleted Scenes & Commentary

DELETED SCENE #1 -- An alternative opening chapter

DELETED SCENE #2 -- Scenes about sister Laura

DELETED SCENE #3 -- The very first pages I wrote on this story

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Why go indie?

Perfect Red is my fourth novel, and my seventh book – but it’s definitely not business as usual for me. Perfect Red took me way out of my creative comfort zone. Instead of a small family drama or memoir, this is a story of passion and intrigue that takes place during one of the most insidious chapters in American history.  Since I broke the creative mold, I decided to break the business mold, too. Instead of working with a big New York publisher, I decided to self publish Perfect Red myself.  Self publishing is a little bit like a musician going off-label or a big screen actress doing a small independent film. In other words, it’s a little crazy and a lot of fun. 

I stepped away from traditional publishing for this book, but that is not to say that I've turned my back on it. I started my career in publishing at the age of 21 with a job at Random House. I worked for a fiction and a non-fiction editor, and I loved everything about it. I loved how the editors, the art director, and the publisher would sit around a big wooden table discussing books for hours on end. I loved the stacks and stacks of manuscripts that came in the door in every kind of package and at every stage of development. I loved that there was someone who did nothing but choose the paper for each book. There was so much hope in the whole enterprise, and so much joy. There still is joy in this business, but publishing is in a state of upheaval. The digital revolution has turned everything upside down, and publishers and authors alike are scrambling to try to get their bearings -- myself among them.

Perfect Red is going to be published in Italian by Rizzoli in 2013. It is going to be published here in the U.S. by me. I'm a very entrepreneurial, so this move makes a lot of sense for me. I love to write – to sit alone in my office spinning an imaginary tale – but I also love to market my books and I’m ready to pour my talent and energy into making some big things happen for Perfect Red.

I have plans to bring the book out on all e-book platforms in early 2013. I will also launch the book so that it can be sold in bookstores nationwide. With the proceeds I earn from this special edition, I will be buying advertising to reach out to book clubs and readers on popular blogs and websites. If you've got a book club and you'd like me to visit or phone in, let me know. I'd love to hear the debate over those deleted scenes and if I come in person, I'll bring my 1952 Royal DeLuxe typewriter for everyone to play with!

Thanks for being part of this creative venture. I'm excited, and look forward to sharing good news with you as things progress. Cheers!