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I have a vision for a world where writers receive the editorial feedback, accountability, and support they need to write books worth reading. Publishing has changed so fast and become so accessible — but that doesn’t mean we should lower our standards. We should always aim for excellence. My mission is to teach writers the skills and habits they need to make a lasting impact on their readers. I started Author Accelerator to help writers do that by pairing them with book coaches trained in my systems and strategies.

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Book Coach Mentor and Guide

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I’m raising the bar for book coaches by offering deep training in the art of book coaching. My book coach certification program at Author Accelerator is rigorous and serious. We delve into the editorial, psychological, emotional, and nuts-and-bolts aspects of being a book coach. It’s ideal for anyone interested in starting a side hustle or making this their life’s work. I also run a mastermind group for certified book coaches ready to level up their coaching business.

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Killer Book Proposal Coaching Package


The one way for writers to work with me directly is in my Killer Book Proposal Coaching package. I’ll take you from fuzzy idea to killer proposal to agent pitching in 6 months —plus help you make the mental shift from someone with a good idea to an industry thought leader who is ready to make an impact. This coaching package requires both an application and an interview. I need to know I can add value to your project and that you’re ready to do the hard work required to developing a killer book proposal.


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I try to teach something useful every week in my newsletter. This is not a spammy newsletter. I show up, I think deeply about writing books worth reading, I respond to my followers and to developments in the world of publishing. On the sign up page, you can select a free email course for whether you are interested in writing or in book coaching — and they are great little courses. But the main reason to sign up for the newsletter is to learn, to build your skills, and to get inspired every week.

“Your posts are a feast for the soul. I always learn so much, and get such a heartfelt sense of motivation and deep understanding from your guidance. I’m always forwarding them to friends who don’t even write because your posts read like you’re answering questions specific to what I’m going through personally — and yet it feels bigger than that, like I can sense the presence of all your other newsletter subscribers who are echoing, `She’s writing this for ME.’ Somehow you’re able to shine a light on all our journeys simultaneously. Thank you, Jennie!” — RJ Lacko



Three Arguments for Writing a Book — and One Invitation

I gave the following talk at an Author Accelerator workshop in Texas in May, 2019. This was the last morning of our weekend together. I can’t give you socks over the Internet, but if you are inspired to commit to not walking away from your project, I can share with you my Top Ten Tips for writing a book worth reading. And if you follow me on Twitter (@JennieNash) or Facebook (@JennieNash) or Instagram (@jennienashbookcoach), I’d love to say hello!