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Book Coach Training and Certification

Do you want a new career or a side gig helping writers make their dreams come true?

You can learn how to become a book coach by going through the rigorous training program based on the systems and strategies I use in my multiple six-figure book coaching business.


“Jennie Nash is the SuperWoman of book coaches. She is bringing dignity and skills to this Wild West profession.” —Jennifer Louden, bestselling author

“Jennie Nash is utterly brilliant, scary savvy, and the reason my book coaching business is successful beyond my wildest dreams. Her advice is pure gold! I'll always be in awe of her -- she rocks!”-- Lisa Cron, story coach, author of Wired for Story and Story Genius


Why I Made This Program

Writers are desperate for help bringing their books to life, navigating the publishing process, and raising their voice. This kind of guidance used to be commonplace at the publishing houses but it has largely been squeezed out of an industry hungry for the next big hit.

There were very few people offering services to fill in this gap, which is why I started Author Accelerator. Working 1:1 with a coach is the best way for writers to do their best work.

Our company is thriving because we are offering something of real value to writers, but over the years, I came to see what a great job or side hustle book coaching is for the coaches.

After training more than 40 book coaches at Author Accelerator, I decided to make our training program available to anyone interested in becoming a coach.

I spent more than a year pulling the curriculum together, presenting sample pages for every single lesson, shooting video, and interviewing experts to help round out the learning. I’m extremely proud of the result. It’s comprehensive and rigorous.

Students who have gone through the program are thrilled with their level of skill. They feel confident and prepared to launch their own book coaching businesses.

We are continually adding more content, including masterclasses in classes in specific genres, agent pitching, and a brand new course — The Business of Book Coaching, which takes you behind the scenes of my own practice to see exactly how I do it.

Here is a little video about what being a book coach FEELS like:


You can learn all about my book coach training and certification program over at Author Accelerator’s coaching hub ➤


“Being a book coach is a privilege: you enter into a relationship with an individual who is pouring heart and soul, and considerable effort, into a manuscript. Your job is to coach them to produce the best manuscript possible, managing the creative, emotional and intellectual rollercoaster that is the inevitable life of a writer. How do you learn to do that? Take Author Accelerator’s Book Coaching course. I mean it. Sign up. It is comprehensive, thorough and is packed with resources. Not only does this course address every facet of the coaching relationship and process but it also provides a robust and supportive community. And …… it is amazing value for money.

You’ve got to do the work, and there is lots of it, but it is so worth it.” — Mack Macintosh, Advanced Book Coach Certification student