5 Reasons You'll Never Write a Book

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How would you feel if you stopped talking about writing a book and actually took the first steps towards doing it?

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This course is for people who have a book they’re burning to write and who secretly fear that they’re never going to do it. They need some tough love so they can stop making excuses and commit to the task. They need some solid creative habits so that they’re not flailing around in the dark. Do any of the following describe you?

  • For years, friends have been telling you that you should write a book – a novel, a memoir, a self-help.
  • For years, you’ve thought so, too, and yet you haven’t done it. You worry that maybe you just don’t have what it takes.
  • You’ve kept an amazing, detailed journal full of great scenes and big emotion, but you fear that you don’t really know how to write. 
  • You’ve written a first chapter or an outline or maybe even a complete rough draft, but somehow you always get stuck moving forward. Writing a whole book seems like such a daunting task.
  • You’re written something you think might be pretty good, but then someone says something negative about it – just one small thing – and you think, “Everyone can see that I’m a fraud.”
  • In the dead of night, when you think about how awesome it would be to hold your book in your hands, you wonder if anyone else in the world would even care. Maybe the problem is that you have nothing worthwhile to say. 
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Sound like you? Then this course is for you and I urge you to sign up right now. It’s free, so all you have to do is commit a little time. I call it a 5-day course, but you can complete it in a 5-hour hour chunk of time, or over the course of a month if you’ve only got a few minutes a day to devote to it. The pacing it up to you – but the results will be there regardless.

I’ve taught these lessons to hundreds of students and private clients and the results have been outstanding:


 “Honestly, I've never met anyone as fast, clear, succinct, upbeat and full of justified, unstoppable, buoying can-do whip-cracking spirit. You're the glee club and the football team wrapped into one.” – Lisa Cron, Wired for Story


“I cannot even begin to thank you for getting me to this place.  I could and would not have done any of this without your help, encouragement, patience, commitment, advice and sincere investment in me and my story!”   -- Lauri Taylor, Killer Guilt: A Daughter’s Obsessive Search for her Mother’s Killer
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“Thanks you so much for your huge heart and brilliant mind, Jennie.” – Kate Spencer, Smoke


“My book would never have been written without you.” – Christine Carminati, Revenge


"This 5-Day class has been such a timely godsend for me! it is accessible, the content is clear and resonant and your passion sings across the cyber waves." -- Henrietta Ivans

Note that this course is not for the following people:

  • Anyone who wants to keep making excuses about why they can’t write a book. It can feel good to keep making excuses, but you won’t get much out of this course if that’s your mind set.
  • Anyone who want a quick fix. I’m priming students for the long game – the game that involves writing, finishing, and selling a book – because I believe that it’s the only way good books get written. If you think there’s a short cut, you won’t benefit from my teaching.
  • Anyone who wants someone else to write their book for them. For that, you need to hire a ghostwriter.

Real Change in 5 Days

It turns out that most people who fail to write the book that’s haunting them are making the same 5 mistakes. They’re actually incredibly easy mistakes to fix. So in this 5-day course, we’re going to fix them. Sound impossible? It’s not! This isn’t rocket science we’re talking about. It’s the creative process – something people have been doing since Neanderthals started painting bison on the cave wall. You were born to create. You just need to be reminded of that, and to make room in your life for the creative process to unfold.

Stop making these 5 mistakes and you will move past your creative blocks, and be on your way to writing the book you’re meant to write. At the end of this course you will:

  • Be  relieved to learn that there’s nothing wrong with you and that you have everything you need to accomplish your goal of writing a book
  • Be inspired to know that there are people who need your story, that there is an audience who is waiting for your book, and that you do, in fact, have plenty to say.
  • Be so primed to focus on what really matters (hint: it’s the story, stupid!) that you will be chomping at the bit to get started.
             CLICK TO START CLASS NOW!!!!

             CLICK TO START CLASS NOW!!!!

The Nuts and Bolts

In this course, we will cover the following topics:

  • What to do in the face of crushing doubt (which I know you have, because all writers have it.)
  • How to adopt time tested creative habits and ditch the ones that are bringing you down
  • Why you’re asking the wrong people to read your work and how to stop doing it
  • What the concept of permission has to do with creativity and where to get permission
  • What commitment actually looks like 

Below are some sample pages from some of the exercises we’ll do in the class


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Your Instructor

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My name is Jennie Nash. I’m the author of seven books – three memoirs, four novels, and counting. My first six books were published by big New York publishers like Simon & Schuster, St. Martin’s Press and Penguin. My seventh book was self published. I have been on staff at Random House and at New York Woman magazine, and freelanced for publications ranging from GQ to Child to the Huffington Post, so I’ve seen a lot of the territory in the publishing landscape. I am an instructor at the UCLA Extension Writer’s Program, and run a private practice coaching both fiction and non-fiction book writers. Lately, my clients have been racking up some seriously awesome success – books published by Norton, Ten Speed and Simon & Schuster, self published books that have won top awards, and writers who have landed some of the best literary agents in the business. I believe in the tough love philosophy of getting things done, but that being said, I’m also a really nice person who knows exactly how difficult the creative process is. 

Just Do It

You know you want to sign up – and it’s free! So just do it! If you can’t commit to a free 5-day course, how do you ever expect to write a book?


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