I have 400 readers! Wow!

I set out to try to build a community of writers who are serious about reaching readers. I'm a book coach and a teacher and a writer and a thinker, and I wanted to find a way to continue to guide and inspire people after the classroom door has closed. My newsletter is it! I'm so grateful to count you among my readers.

To thank you, I made a few bonuses. 

The first item is a video where I share with you five different kinds of letters you might get from agents after a query, and what each of them means. These are real letters from real agents. Start with the intro video, below, then go onto the presentation video below it.

Now watch the video, below, for the presentation:


The second this I did was lowered the price of The Writer's Guide to Agony and Defeat  to ZERO. You can download it in PDF form here on my site. I also lowered the price to $2.99 on amazon where you can get a proper e-book -- it made a top 50 list in publishing advice books, which is a very good thing because it will result in increased exposure. These are the kinds of games you play when you self publish...