Writer's Digest Novel Writing Conference 

Scroll to download Jennie Nash's handout material from her Powerpoint presentations. And if you're wondering what book coaching is all about, check out our adorable 1 minute video, below. It pretty much says it all!


The Rejection Audit

Rejection is almost never a mystery. Learn what your rejections really mean.

The Four Perspectives

A system for revising everything from one chapter to the whole document. 

Why work with a book coach?

This is why:

Get details on Author Accelerator's 6-month no-excuses program to finish your draft -- and finish strong. We give you editorial guidance, habit-forming deadlines, and the kind of support you probably didn't even know you needed. The price is $399 a month for 6 months, but it is going up on January 1, 2018. We'd be happy to schedule a 30-minute call to give you details.

Interested in premium book coaching with me, Jennie Nash? I currently have a wait list for 1:1 coaching. If you would like to get on the list, please email Dawn@jennienash.com