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Step 1

Pay your invoice. It will come to your email from "Jennie Nash Book Coach send using Freshbooks"

Step 2

Set up a time to talk with Jennie using the scheduler below.

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Blueprint for a Book

Let’s Get Started

I’m so excited to be working with you! Here are a few steps for us to get started.



1.     I will be sending an invoice from Freshbooks. Payment is due prior to our first deadline.

Using Dropbox

1.     I will be sharing a Dropbox folder with you that will contain the following:

○      Weekly subfolders for our six Blueprint deadlines

○      Week 1 is the only one populated at the moment. It contains:

                                          i.         A workbook where you will put all your Blueprint responses (other than the chapter drafts, which you will include as separate files.)

                                         ii.         A folder for 6 Blueprint lessons. You will be doing ALL of these for our first deadline, so read through them all to see what’s in store.

                                       iii.         A Next Steps document.  where we will keep track of the assignments for each week. I will move this document from one folder to the next at each deadline.


2.     If you need guidance on how to install Dropbox on your computer, please follow this tutorial:




What You Will Be Doing Before Deadline #1

1.     Read through all the Blueprint lessons.


2.     Start doing the assignments. You can work in any format you like, but please cut and paste your answers into the workbook for submission day. That’s the document I will be reviewing and editing. (You will also attach separate documents for your first and last chapters and put them in this folder. That is explained in the workbook.)

3.     If you have any questions while you are working, don’t hesitate to email me!

   Deadline Day

    Email Alert

1.     Let me know via email when the submission is ready, but please no later than 8 am PST on your deadline day.

2.     There is no need to attach the files if youhave put them in Dropbox


  Editorial Review


1.     For the first deadline, I set aside 72 hours to do the edits. .It normally takes me 48 hours to complete edits on your work.

2.     I will send you my notes and comments back prior to our first phone call, usually the night before.

  Discussion Day

    Phone Call

1.     Please be at your computer if possible so we can refer to your pages. You will probably also want to take notes.

2.     If you have questions on my comments, have the Page # ready to refer to.

3.     Our call will be 50 minutes long.


4.     We will schedule the next deadline before the call ends -- usually 2 weeks out.

  Email Between Deadlines

1.     I’m happy to answer quick questions between deadlines. Don’t suffer! I’m here to help!

2.     If the answer takes more than ten minutes to write, I may defer until our deadline day.

  Changing Deadline Dates

1.     Sometimes dates have to be changed. It happens! I will do my best to reschedule your date. Note that submission days are harder to reschedule than phone calls. I can only edit a certain number of pages on any given day and if I am booked, I am booked.

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